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What Our Customers Are Saying

Brought my car by here the day before I turned it back in from a lease, and there is no telling how many thousands of dollars the dent man saved me! Not only did the car look perfect, it also passed inspection with no additional costs.. Thank you Dent man, you will be my last stop with every car from now on, and anytime in between.

Scott M.

It's bad times for you if you have body damage and you need to find a shop. It's not like you're shopping for something fun like a stereo upgrade. So I kind of had an attitude about driving around and getting quotes. I went to some of the other shops around town and they were pretty pricey. I figured I'd give The Dent Man a try. I was immediately impressed with how personable and sincere the guys were. They were honest about what they could and couldn't do. They gave me a fair quote and I told them I'd be back in a couple of weeks when I could part with my pickup for the 6-7 business days they would need it. When I came back, I half expected them to say, "Yeah man, that quote is like two or three weeks old and now it's going to cost you another grand for the job." But no, they looked at their quote that I showed them and said "yes sir" and took my keys. Four days or so later I got a call from them around quitting time. This made me nervous and I was afraid they were going to ask for more money or more time. Nope. Neither. He was just calling to give me a status update and check in with me. It was confusing to me. Where's the "gotcha"? Just as I was starting to relax, he said "oh yeah hey..." Ugh. Here comes the gotcha. "Oh yeah hey, I found a way to cut a few hours off the job, so we're going to come in under the price I quoted you." Are you kidding me? When's the last time you heard that? Why did he even tell me that? He could have just kept those savings to himself and I never would have known the difference. When I went to pick it up, the work was perfect. He did everything he said he would do and it looked fantastic. And true to his word, he passed his savings along to me (or actually to the person who backed into me and would be paying the bill). I drive a long-bed dually pickup truck. After I said thanks and started to leave, he mentioned that this was the biggest vehicle that he'd ever worked on and that it just barely fit into his spray booth. He had to do the work in two batches, because he could only get to one side at a time. He said he'd probably never take on another job like that again. So let me get this straight: my job was a hassle for him because my truck is so big, but he still did an amazing job and passed the savings on to me? How does that even work?!?! I hope I never need anymore body work on my truck again, but if I do, I will beg them to do the work, because I don't want to go to anyone else for body work.

Dave E.

Someone backed into my 2012 Honda Civic and never having dealt with repairs without insurance before I was a bit uncomfortable, but the owner (I presume he's always there) made it so easy and my car looks beautiful again. Went to 4 different shops in SCV for quotes, and the Dent Man provided the best/most reasonable pricing and was the nicest out of all of them! Would recommend to my friends & family.

Raquel T.

Great service and people. Went in after a car wash because of a few minor scratches and they immediately took the time to look at it and actually buff it out for me. Unheard of. The nicest help I've experienced in years. They surely did not have to do anything on the spot. They saved my butt from the wrath of my pregnant wife and an expensive touch up.

Paul R.

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